To be able to use the shopping basket it is essential that you have opened an account with us.

To be able to see how much an order will total or the delivery charges to your particular country, it is the same, you must have opened an account with us on the web site.

The web site is prepared to calculate any delivery charges to your country.

1) Open an account either as a wholesale customer or a member of the public

2) Navigate the site adding articles to your basket by clicking on the button “to buy”.
Those items with the “to buy” button marked “Prox” means that they are not available
Either, because they are out of stock or because they are new lines which have not yet to arrived in the warehouse.
These items are blocked. We are able to show you a photo and description of the article before it is due
These items are unavailable to purchase until the “to buy” button has “to buy” on it.

3) You can change the quantity of any article you wish to add to your shopping basket. You do this by changing the quantity in the box.

To confirm your purchase click on
If you wish to delete a purchase from your basket click on “Delete” and click on

4) You can always see the contents of your basket by clicking on

5) If you wish to carry on buying click on.

6) You can suspend your order at any time and return to it later even if you leave our site. Our system will remember your order as it is when you return. You only have to log on again by introducing your email address and password.

7) When you want to know the final total of your purchases including any delivery charge press .
You are able to see this information without completing your order. At any time you can cancel the order.

8) After you know how much your order is before delivery charges are added click “Continue” and select:

* The form of delivery (click “Continue”)

* The type of payment (click “Continue”)

* The delivery address you would like (it can be any address you choose, the address of a friend or another office or shop) and click “Continue”.

* Confirm the final details

9) If you wish write in the “Observations” box at the end any message pertaining to your order or delivery please do so.

We can accept orders and observations in Spanish, English and French.