To be able to buy on line it is absolutely essential to have first opened an account.
Please pay attention when entering your date of birth: DD 2 digits / MM two digits/ YYYY four digits.

1. Don't forget to fill in all the obligatory fields. If you miss one then the account cannot be created.

2. Don't forget to enter your email address because it is the only way we can communicate directly with you about your order.

3. You can create your own password, minimum of 6 digits which will be recognised each time you log on.

Choose a simple word that you can easily remember. Make a note of it until you have memorised it.
Each time you log on to our web site you have to identify yourself by entering your email address and password. You will then be able to place an order and see a history of your previous orders. 

If you forget your password? There is a tool at your disposition where you are able to receive a new password delivered to your email address.
Click: “Receive new Password”. 

To see or edit your account details: If you have an account for our web site, enter by entering your email address and password. Click “My Account”. The options that you have in front of you are to be able to see a history of all your previous orders and your customer details. Other personal options available are:

Directions: By clicking on this button you are able to enter upto a maximum of five different delivery addresses. This enables you to have a delivery made to various shops, your home address or the address of a friend.

Please note that there is no difference between deliveries to commercial addresses and to private addresses. 

History of orders: This button allows you to see a history of your previous orders to date. You will be able to see all the details of these orders.

Account: To update or change your customer details or change delivery addresses click this button.

Delivery Charges: The information about what forms of delivery are available automatically by entering the delivery address. The system will show what are the charges before you complete your order. You are able to see the final total of your order with the delivery charge and also have the opportunity to choose another form of delivery before you complete your order.